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Bill's Philosophy

My coaching provides a results based, common sense, long term solutions to even the most nagging issues. We will discover your ability to play better in an accelerated manner.

I utilize a simple approach to allow players a consistent, repeatable swing and outstanding results. My teaching is results oriented and you will not be pushed into a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. We will help you enjoy the emotions of hitting great shots and playing well.

It has been my great fortune to have been personally trained by my good friend Jimmy Ballard.

I will never tell you “You need to get worse before you get better.”

My focus is on establishing solid fundamentals to create a consistent repeatable swing for you as well as scoring and mental game. We identify the things that make you play your best and focus there as opposed to what your mistakes tend to be. We then implement a routine that will allow you to focus on what makes you play well and not worry about what may go wrong.

We identify the things that allow you to play your best and focus on these, opposed to the causes of the problem areas of your game. This positive approach has reaped huge benefits for many players.

My focus is on total player improvement – It is all about your game getting better, and increasing your enjoyment and satisfaction.

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  • Desmond Clark
    Bill Abrams is a great coach one on one. After he studied my swing for 20-30 minutes he was able to correct some fundamental things which then allowed me to work on more detailed parts of my game. Last year after working will Bill for a short time I had my best year of scoring since I was a young 25-28 year old. If you’re looking for common sense easy to grasp teaching, Bill Abrams is the man to call.
    Desmond Clark
    Retired NFL Tight End, Chicago Bears & Miami Dolphins
  • Frankie Saban
    Bill Abrams helped to bring a new perspective into the game of golf for me. His positivity and abstract approach to teaching has helped to shape me into the golfer I am today and reach my goals of playing division 1 golf. Before working with Bill, I never had clubs that were individualized specifically for me. He took the time to order, fit, and adjust every club to help me preform to my highest standard. He believed in me and made the game simple again; something every golfer could use.
    Frankie Saban
    Student Athlete, Bradley University
  • Richard Stone
    My teenage daughter who plays college golf in the US and I have been playing and practicing at Carolina's Golf and Country Club for well over 10 years now when we are vacationing in South Florida. We are both reasonable golfers playing off scratch or better so know a thing or two about golf and golf coaches.

    Last year whilst on our winter break we met Bill on the practice ground. Bill was friendly and informative and we both warmed to his laid back nature, not at all pushy and with a great sense of humour. We took his business card. On returning this year in December and with both my daughter and I looking to further improve our respectable games we made a decision to book a series of lessons and club fittings with Bill to sharpen our skills. This testimonial is based on the excellent results we both achieved over a 4 week period.

    I was missing 5 foot putts as I was pulling everything, Bill re-evaluated my stroke, length of putter shaft, loft and grip thickness and my new putter arrived 5 days later... simply superb results straight out of the box! The same goes for my daughters lengthened putter and her new 3 wood off the fairway grass. We have both had many golf lessons over the years including some very expensive and well known pro coaches in England, Bill we found to be in a different league.

    Listen to Bill, do his simple drills away from your lesson, practice what he preaches and the results are excellent. More importantly he teaches to your personal level and physical capabilities so he doesn't expect everyone to swing it like a tour Pro! Bill seems to have the right solutions to all levels of player from those that have never picked up a club before to seasoned players like us that have got into lazy habits!

    Simply we feel Bill to be the best coach we have experienced to date and would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to improve and enjoy fully playing this great game. Returning to the UK we can still practice under Bill's watchful eye until we next meet up as he is happy to work via the V1 Golf app on our smart phones so we are only a call and a video away from expert tuition to iron out any faults that might creep in. When we return in the Spring we will certainly be taking further instruction from Bill.
    Richard Stone
    Oxford, England, UK
  • Janet Kotash
    A beginner at age 50, I was timid at my first golf lesson with Bill; by the end of my second lesson, I felt so happy I'd discovered golf! So often, during my weekly lessons with Bill, his attentiveness to my individual challenges has enabled me to experience "Aha! Moments" of insight, which have profoundly improved my play. Through Bill's gifts and talents in coaching me, I employ my 20 years of yoga practice during every round of golf, & I enjoy every moment I'm on the course. My friends all notice that I'm improving my game every season. Thank you, Bill!
    Janet Kotash
    Frankfort, IL
  • André Courtemanche
    It is a real pleasure to learn how to golf with Bill. The focus of his teaching is on finding things that quickly improve your ball striking. Bill did adapt his coaching, based on my level and age. In addition, he was quite good at making parallels between other sports I practice and golf, which accelerate my learning! One of the breakthrough for me was this one drill where Bill had me hit 3 series of 3 balls: the first series, he had me listen to the sound of the club brushing the grass and hitting the ball, the second series he wanted me to visualize the ball flight and then hit the ball and the third series was more on feeling every part of the the golf swing: light grip pressure, backswing, downswing and the ball striking. Where I consider myself as a visual person, I was stunned on how well I hit the last three balls by just paying attention to the feel of the shot. - Thank you Bill
    André Courtemanche
    Montreal, Canada
  • Brady Serafin
    Bill is the best friend a golfer could have. Bill makes each lesson fun so it’s easy for me to remember what he’s taught. When I leave his golf lessons, I leave feeling confident and strong about my game. What I like the most is that he makes me feel like I’ve been his lifelong buddy.
    Brady Serafin
    Beecher, IL - 12 yrs old
  • David Serafin
    I’d like to tell you about my friend, mentor, and PGA Golf Professional Bill Abrams. Bill has been a fantastic golf instructor for me, my family, and the high school golf team I've coached, for well over a decade. In this time, I’ve learned a lot about the game from Bill. I have a better understanding of swing, short game, and putting fundamentals and I’ve used his teachings to improve my coaching and personal game over the years. The success has been consistent and measurable.

    Bill leaves me feeling like there is always room for improvement and that it’s always attainable. I’ve watched as his players seem to always come away from his lessons with a better understanding of the game in general, and their game in particular, so much so that he’s known as "The Golf Doctor" by the kids on my golf team. His instruction and tips are invaluable to our team, and much of our team’s success is directly related to his instruction.

    On a more personal note, I’ve enjoyed watching the interpersonal relationship Bill has developed with my eldest son. I’ve been impressed with the way he handles his personality and the improvements my son has been able to make over the last couple of years since he began to take a more serious interest in the game. It’s been fun to watch the love of the game grow.
    David Serafin
    Director of Golf Programs - Beecher HS, IL
  • Gaston Babin
    I was a top hockey player but a poor golf player. After only a few golf lessons my golfing started improving by far.I lowered my score by 10 points! I'm not the same player anymore. I'm much self-confident on the course. Thank you Bill!
    Gaston Babin
    Quebec, Canada
2019 Illinois PGA Teacher in the Year
2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 GRAA Top 50 Growth of Game Teacher
2018 USKids Level 2 Certified Teacher
2018 USKids Level 2 Certified Teacher
2017 FCG Top 25 Elite Junior Coach
2017 Central Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year
2015 Illinois PGA Professional of the Year
2012 Central Illinois PGA Professional of the Year
2011 USKids Golf Top 50 Master Teacher
2010 Illinois PGA Bill Strausbaugh Award
2010 USKids Golf Top 50 Teacher
2009 USKids Golf Top 50 Teacher
2008 USKids Golf Top 50 Teacher
2005 Illinois PGA Horton Smith Award
2005 Central Illinois PGA Professional of Year
2004 Central Illinois PGA Teacher of Year
1993 Elected PGA Membership
PING Golf Staff Member
UST Mamiya Golf Shaft Advisory Staff
ForeSight Sports Launch Monitor Advisory Board
Skin Sunscreen Advisory Board
PGA Magazine Teaching and Clubfitting Board Adviser

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